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Optimal Electric Heating Comfort

Optimal Comfort

With Danfoss LX electric floor warming, the heat is evenly spread in the room and your floors become comfortably warm.
Heat naturally rises upwards

Heat Rises

The heat naturally rises from the floor towards the ceiling. This explains why electric floor heating provides a comfortably warm floor.

Electric floor heating vs hydronic floor heating

Electric vs. Hydronic

What are the differences between electric floor heating and hydronic floor heating?
Electric underfloor warming on top of existing floor

On Top of the Old Floor

The ultra thin Danfoss LX floor warming mat can be laid directly on the subfloor and then covered with a layer of thinset. This makes it very easy to lay a new floor on top of the old one.
Danfoss LX Thermostat

Precise Control

The Danfoss LX electronic thermostat with floor sensor ensures precise controls of your electric floor warming system.
Freedom to arrange your home as you wish

Design as you Please

Danfoss LX electric underfloor warming gives you the freedom to arrange your livingroom or kitchen exactly the way your family wants it.
The operation cost of a floor heating system

The Operation Cost

The costs for electric floor heating depends on the size of your floor and the heating method you choose, among other things.
Danfoss heating system utilizes the energy in the best possible way

Save Energy

The Danfoss floor warming system is above all a heating system which utilizes the energy in the best possible way.
Danfoss floor heating system - a safe solution

A safe solution

The safety of our floor heating system is ensured by the high quality and the reliable construction of the cables. 
HGTV Video

Danfoss LX Mats and GX Mats featured on HGTV network!

Danfoss LX Dual Adhesive mats and GX Snow Melting Mats were featured at the International Builder's Show.