Interspar supermarket, Saalfelden, Austria

Interspar Gruppe is a supermarket chain in Austria. In 2004, the installation of electrical systems for ice and snow melting for asphalt on the ramp to the parking level of the Interspar market in Saalfelden was completed.

Project Overview:

Project size:   490 m²


  • DEVIheat DSVK 300 W/m², 400 V, electrical heating mat 45 pcs
  • DEVIreg 850
Prosjektets størrelse

490 m2

DEVIreg™ 850
Elektronisk detektor for sne- og issmeltningsanlæg beregnet for DIN-skinne montage. Anvendes til styring af sne- og issmeltningsanlæg i veje, indkørelse, ramper, trapper, tage o.lign. The DEVIreg™ 850 is an advanced thermostat with LED display used for outdoor ground or roof applications. The sensors provide information about both moisture level and temperature, resulting in an optimal control of the heating system. The system can be set up in three ways; as a single system for roof or ground (1 to 4 sensors), as a dual system for roof or ground (2 - 4 sensors) or as a combination system for roof and ground (2 - 4 sensors). In the dual / combination systems it is possible to prioritize between the zones, e.g. if only a limited power output is available.