DEVI by Danfoss

In 1942, DEVI was established in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name originates from an abbreviation of Dansk El-Varme Industri. From 2003, DEVI is a part of the Danfoss - Denmark's largest industrial group.

European market leader

In the beginning, DEVI manufactured heating elements for industrial purposes. In the early sixties DEVI starts to take an interest in electric heating cables; the oldest heating cable installations are from the early sixties. Throughout the sixties and seventies, industrial heating elements were still the most important product group by far; but, in the early eighties, a considerable number of heating cables were starting to be exported, first to Finland. The first subsidiary companies in Germany, Sweden, and Norway are established in the mid-eighties and the export adventure started to take shape. Throughout the nineties, things started speeding up and a number of subsidiary companies were established in the previous East bloc countries among other places.

Today DEVI is Europe’s leading brand, owned by one of the world's leading companies within heating, cooling, and air-conditioning - Danfoss, within the industry with a considerable market share. Outside Europe, DEVI is represented in Canada, China and South Africa as well as other countries.

DEVI - Intelligent solutions with lasting effect

Nowadays, DEVI delivers a whole range of products dedicated to electrical heating for indoor and outdoor purposes. The offer covers heating cables, heating mats, self-limiting cables, and modern thermostats. DEVI reliable heating solutions are made in the European Union with the highest standards of quality control.

DEVI products are installed in private houses and apartments as well as public buildings, airports, stadiums, and highways all over the world – from Northern Norway to New Zealand.

DEVI heating cables, mats, and thermostats are cost-effective and environment friendly. They are the product of choice for total heating in low-energy buildings.

DEVIwarranty™ up to 20-year guarantee

DEVI delivers high-quality products with lasting effects, and offers the best warranties in the market. DEVIwarranty™ is a series of 4 individual, best-in-market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using DEVI products in electric heating systems.

  • 20-year full warranty – for DEVI heat mats and heating cables. Not only does this warranty cover the product replacement, but also installation and floor materials, such as damage to brickwork and tiles.
    In order to apply for this warranty, the installation must be performed by an authorized installer, and the warranty certificate has to be stamped, signed and provided.
  • 10-year warranty – is valid for selected DEVI floor heating systems and accessories.
  • 5-year warranty – is valid for selected DEVI thermostats, floor heating system, self-regulating cables, and accessories.
  • 2-year warranty - is valid for DEVI thermostats, control systems, software solutions, and accessories.

The company structure

Since 2003, DEVI is a part of Danfoss, Denmark's largest industrial group. Danfoss is one of the world's leading companies within heating, cooling, and air-conditioning. Danfoss is privately held by the founding family and employs 23,400 employees while serving customers in more than 100 countries.

Today DEVI’s production takes place in Saint Malo - France and Grodzisk Mazowiecki - Poland. DEVI's central office is situated in Vejle - Denmark.