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Cold Stores – reliable and energy efficient systems

In cold stores, ice stadiums, etc. the temperature is always within the range of –20 and –30 °C, however cold leak occurs even if the floor is insulated properly. This means that materials which are in contact with the soil, such as foundation and floor areas, will absorb the cold and let the ground freeze. Water, contained in the soil, will change volume when turning into ice and can cause substantial damage due to frost erosion.

Furthermore, in areas where very cold dry air meets warm moist air, the moisture contained in the warm air flow may settle on the cold surface and turn into ice. Ice conduces unwanted freezing of elements such as cold store doors/gates or door frames and can cause: damage to the door structure, weather stripping, disabling closing the door tightly and leading to increased energy consumption, etc.

Another problem, that occurs in a drainage system of refrigeration equipment, is condensation freezing and inability of free water flow.

Our solution helps you to prevent frost heave and ensure frost protection in:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Supermarkets with cold rooms
  • Cold stores

Values and benefits of indoor electric heating:

  • Eliminate risk of foundation damage due to ice buildup
  • Safety of working environments by preventing slippery floors and frost protection
  • Reduced energy losses
  • Power saving by minimizing running time of the system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Investment safety

Electric heating system consists of heating cables, electronic thermostats, and installation accessories.

The digital controllers or thermostats with sensors ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least amount of energy possible.

Recommendations for electric heating system

Frost heave prevention systems is needed to prevent frost heave and ensure frost protection of doors drain lines and firefighting piping:

Hotels & Commercial buildings
• Supermarkets
• Cold room

The Frost heave prevention systems should be used to prevent frost heave and ensure frost protection of doors drain lines and firefighting piping.

Application manual: Cold Stores
This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for design and installation of frost heave prevention systems and frost protection for cold room doors, drain lines, and fire protection sprinklers and pipes. It provides guidance for a heating cable layout, electrical data and system configurations.

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