Ground Ice and Snow melting system

In recent years there have been plenty of new stories about human and financial costs caused by harsh winter weather. Property damage, increased maintenance expenses, lost productivity, rising insurance premiums, personal injuries and even worse. Installation of Ice & Snow Melting System ensures a steady solution to address cold weather-related problems. Main purpose of the system is to melt and remove snow and ice from ground surfaces.

The most common ice and snow melting ground applications are in residential car parking areas, driveways, pavements, outdoor steps, loading platforms, ramps, bridges and drainage areas.

By using our heating cables and mats controlled by electronic thermostats with moisture sensors, you can cost-effectively protect large areas such as parking areas, ramps or pedestrian accesses to buildings giving you convenience and safety while saving a lot of tiring and time-consuming manual work.

Ground Ice & Snow melting systems consist of heating cables, electronic thermostats, and installation accessories.

The digital controllers or thermostats with sensors ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least amount of energy possible.

Recommendations for Ground Ice & Snow melting system

Main purpose of the Ground Ice & Snow melting system is to melt and remove snow and ice from ground surfaces:

Hotels & Commercial buildings
One family houses
Airports and heliports
Agricultural buildings 

The ice and snow melting system is designed to provide safety for people, vehicles, and buildings safety through safe walking and driving during winter and safety in terms of less damage to buildings.

Application manual: Ground Ice & Snow melting system
This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for design and installation of Ice & Snow melting systems for ground application. It provides guidance for a heating cable layout, electrical data and system configurations.







Outdoor safety applications and frost protection
Ice and snow melting system: installation video

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