DEVI Indoor floor heating system

All heat moves upwards! This simple fact explains why a floor heating system provides more comfortable heat, than the alternative radiator system. The radiator system provides convective air movement up to head height and ceiling, only to travel downwards and return as a cold draft around one’s feet. DEVI’s floor heating system, on the other hand, provides pleasant heat for one’s feet, body and head.

DEVI’s floor heating system ensures comfortable room temperatures, be it at home, at the office, in a workshop, sports hall or virtually anywhere where comfortable heat is required. Equally important is the fact that DEVI’s floor heating system can be installed in all floor types whether they are new concrete or wooden floors or renovated floors.

DEVI’s floor heating system has a long life. Practically speaking DEVI’s heating cables and mats last as long as the house where they are installed and no maintenance is required!

The typical applications for floor heating systems are bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices or anywhere where comfortable heat is required, with different type of the floor constructions.

DEVI’s floor heating systems consist of DEVI heating cables, mats, DEVIreg™ thermostats, and installation accessories.

The DEVIreg™ thermostats with sensors ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least amount of energy possible.

Recommendations for DEVI Indoor floor heating system

Main purpose of the DEVI Indoor floor heating system is to provide comfort air and floor temperature in the room:

Hotels & Commercial buildings
Multifamily houses - Flats and apartments
Marine and transport
One family house

Application manual: Indoor cable floor heating systems
This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for design and installation of cable floor heating systems for indoor application. It provides guidance for heating cable positioning, electrical data and system configurations.






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