Great pictures received during the Facebook competition for DEVI 75 years

In the nine-weeks long celebration a lot of customers decided to celebrate together with us. We have received 73 photos from all over the world. Thanks to everyone who has participated in our 75th anniversary celebration!

2017 is a historic year for DEVI as it marks our 75th anniversary of providing high-quality heating solutions to many homes and businesses around the world. As a part of the celebration, a nine-week long competition was held from September to November.

People from all over the world joined our DEVI 75 Facebook competition, took a panoramic picture and posted it to our Facebook timeline. We have chosen three winning photos each week and three winners received their own DEVIreg™ Smart thermostat, resulting in 27 winners and 27 thermostats given to the winners.

Our customers proved they can be very creative and surprised us with many innovative photos that included a number 75. From drawing in the sand, playing with sticks and stones, pumpkin-carving, cable installation to the composition from DEVI product packaging.

Thanks to everybody who celebrated with us! Stay tuned and follow DEVI – many interesting things are yet to come.

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