DEVI Product Catalogue.

DEVI Product Catalogue.

Please, find here the latest version of DEVI Product Catalogue - October 2021.

Updates in this edition:

  1. New warranty text and pictures
  2. New case stories
  3. QR codes for each application 
  4. Vineyard application 
  5. Standard compliance updates for many products
  6. Explanation for all Mechanical classes 
  7. Structured tables for heating cables and heating mats 
  8. Cold lead info has been added for each ready-made product
  9. New data and tables has been added for each SLC
  10. New connection diagram for DEVIregTM 233 thermostat
  11. Info on Accessories

The Catalogue contains
Applications overview of DEVI cable heating systems, such as:
- Floor Heating
- Ice and snow melting
- Pipe tracing
- Fields
- Cold stores and concrete hardening
- Other application 

Product Data Sheets for:
- Indoor and outdoor heating cables and mats
- Products for specific dry installation
- Self-limiting and resistive cables
- Accessories and heating foils for mirror and ceiling
- Thermostat range for Indoor applications
- Thermostat range for Outdoor and special applications
- Accessories and spare parts for cables, mats, controls and other heating elements.

 DEVI Product Catalogue is updated regularly, please, follow us on website or social media to keep up.




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