Meet new solution from DEVI - high level innovation DEVIweb™.



DEVIweb™ - heating systems control from everywhere.

Meet new solution from DEVI - high level innovation DEVIweb™.

DEVIwebTM is a Web based control of DEVIregTM Smart acting as multifunctional thermostats and switches.

DEVI by Danfoss has the widest product offering for indoor floor heating. Now it is extended with a solution for hotels, elderly homes, kindergartens, schools, commercial and large residential buildings due to new web application DEVIweb™ adapted to the possibilities offered by the digitalization and electrification of our society. 

With new DEVIweb™, owners and administrators may easily control heating in large buildings, get chance to increase comfort and satisfaction of their guests saving money! In addition, using DEVIweb™ owners get innovative possibilities to use their current DEVIreg™ Smart Systems, manage on/off applications using timer-equipped relay Switch function to any electric device, have central control to the system from any location and ensure energy saving in average 30%.

DEVIweb™ is a user-friendly product, providing customers with easy and intuitive system using one application and saving time daily.

Main features: Two solutions are used: DEVIweb™ – browser to sign in, add and set up facilities and DEVIweb™ Tool – application to connect locations and sub-locations with installed thermostats/switches and add them to the control system DEVIweb™. Access to DEVIweb™ is possible via internet Browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) for PC, laptop or tablet. DEVIreg™ Smart thermostats/switches can be connected to the web system via an installation mobile application DEVIweb™ Tool (by now available in Google Play for Android and later will be available for IOS).

The DEVIweb™ gives you flexibility to create locations, sublocations and facilities and set main parameters of each menu. The grouping logic leads you from entire facility (building / hotel / home) to its locations (floors / areas / apartments / buildings) and sublocations up to multiple small divisions allowing to set different areas with necessary control parameters.

In the User Guide you’ll find all necessary recommendations to set up DEVIweb™ according to your requirements.


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