DEVI Turntable for an even faster installation – completely clutter-free



By installing DEVI heating cables using the DEVI Turntable, you greatly enhance your installation speed.

Time is crucial in each job; DEVI provides a very reliable solution to speed up your work on the installation of heating cables. Experience the benefits of using the new DEVI Turntable and find out how fast and easy the installation of the DEVI cables can be, thanks to this latest innovation. DEVI Turntable would highly contribute to optimize the layout of new cables.

Some years ago, a redesign of the drum for all heating cables was implemented. During the development and introduction of the DEVI cables, we were again confronted with this issue, since the use of DEVI Turntable would highly contribute to an optimized experience during layout of the new cables. We decided to find a way to optimize the turntable with an insert.

The requirements were that the insert should fit into both the hole of the cable drum as well as on the pin of the turntable, and have a height of approx. 30mm to ensure an optimized unwinding of the cables.

Installers have confirmed that new DEVI Turntable helps them to install heating cables easier and faster without any unnecessary clutter.

Install DEVI heating cables using the DEVI Turntable and see the speed and ease of this type of installation.

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