Frost prevention in water pipes with DEVIaqua™

In wintertime, frozen pipes can be a major concern for homeowners or water companies. 
Frozen pipes will limit the supply of fresh water during winter days with low temperatures. Moreover, freezing pipes can burst and create substantial damages to households or industries.

DEVI company has developed a simple solution for preventing frost in fresh water, waste water, cooling water, supply water or sprinkler systems during days with very low temperatures.
The solution is installing the heating cable DEVIaqua™ 9T which is a twin conductor heating cable for frost protection inside water pipes.

GDV Certificate for installation inside drinking water pipes
The cable is developed and approved for being installed inside drinking water pipes, according to modern Danish GDV norms.
See example of certificate

DEVIaqua™ applications
DEVIaqua™ can be used for drinking water supply in private houses, offices, production plants, animal buildings, cold rooms, water tanks, etc.

The heating cable is supplied in readymade lengths with a 3/4” and 1” fitting to establish a water tight entrance for the heating cable into the drinking water pipe. It is equipped with a UV stable cold lead with solid conductors ensuring fast installation with a clearly visible connection.

The DEVIaqua™ 9T is designed with output of 9 W/m at 230 V, as it has been evaluated to give a good balance between needed output and long term use of the product.

The length of the cable can be from 3 meters until 150 meters, thus suitable for a wide range of applications.
A 20-year full service warranty is valid for DEVIaqua™ 9T. 

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