Comfort heating with a splendid design


Electrical floor heating provides its users with many advantages, such as the best heat distribution within a room, savings on efficiency and maintenance as well as the comfort of simply having a warm floor. On top of this, electrical floor heating doesn’t interfere with your interior design in any way.

Even modern radiators limit the creativity of your arrangements. While you are planning how to (re)furnish your home, you always need to consider the location of radiators, leaving enough suitable space for heat emission.

DEVI helps to arrange houses and apartments in a functional way without having to compromise on your design. DEVI floor heating allows you the freedom to arrange your living room, bathroom or kitchen exactly the way you want it; you don’t have to worry about pipes and radiators.

Invisible heat

With DEVI heating solutions, all the elements of the heating system are hidden underneath the floor, only requiring space for a stylish thermostat on the wall. This gives you exciting new possibilities for furnishing and interior design. The problem of space consumption and unattractive radiators no longer needs to be considered. 

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