DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3

We in Electric Heating are introducing a New customized solution for pipe frost protection. It is an updated version of existing DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V2 / ECpipeheat 10 V2 self-limiting heating cable approved for drinking water use and inside pipe installation.

A new self-limiting cable can be customized to any solution: it is suitable for drinking and common water pipes and is designed to be installed on pipe in all markets and inside pipe in certified countries (DK, FI, SE, NO, RU).

When developing new cable, the essential customers’ expectations were considered.

Values and Benefits:

  • Approved quality of the new heating cables ensures safe consumption of the domestic drinking water.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Customized and safe solution during winter period. The cables have proper output to different sizes of pipes ensuring suitability for any pipe frost protection.
  • Secure waterflow even in cold condition below 0 °C due to the output diagram allowing to select many suitable dimensions.
  • With new cables it will be easy to prevent water pipes against damaging due to frozen water inside.
  • Output of the cable increases or decreases according to ambient temperature due to the Self-limiting matrix between wires and it makes the cable accustomed to any temperature fluctuations.
  • New cables are versatile due to their specific outer sheath: they can be mounted inside drinking water pipes with water for human consumption and also - on a pipe surface to add heat from outside (Require flame retardant properties)
  • Additional economy you get by decreasing installation time and make it really quick due to the flexibility of length ordering. You are free to choose either cut-to-length or ready-made version depending on your needs.
  • Fits to most household pipes due to the proper design – the range of the new cables contains the shortest lengths (2 m) for small private home applications.
  • …and last but not least: You may “Plug and go” meaning that you can bring the ready-made solution with you everywhere!

Information to consider:

  • The product range includes 3 design types with ready redesign for both connections:
    - ready-made cable with a cold lead
    - cut-to-length
    - drum goods

  • All of the 3 types are developed and approved:
    - for pipe frost protection application
    - for drinking water pipes below 23 0C
    - for inside and outside pipe installation.

Please, do not hesitate to contact our Team if you have any questions. Link to directory – find the EH team here

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