New Year – New Packaging for Heating Mats.


New Packaging. 

New Year – New Packaging for Heating Mats.

Product packaging optimization process 2019 comes to the end. Starting from January 2020 new packaging will be ready for dispatch to the markets. 64 % of total heating mat portfolio will be changed.

Packaging optimization aims at the following:

  • Logistic aspect (reduction of transportation costs). It means that size of boxes becomes smaller – more of them will be placed on the pallet – less of possible damage may occur during the transportation.
  • Economy on transportation due to bigger quantity of pcs on pallet.
  • Size and type unification.
  • Sound minimalism by eliminating additional labels.
  • Possibility to increase stock by storing more goods in shops: now customer could gather more products on the shelves and racks at the same time saving space.
  • Reputation aspect - reduction of M-size packaging increases the whole pallet strength and reduces damages.

The following improvements were made:

  • Change of Medium size construction to smaller Medium one (width from 215x215 to 195x195 [mm]).
  • Better product fitting into boxes due to changing from M size to S size or from L-size to M-size (changes refer to around 60 finish goods).
  • User-friendly design containing installation steps, warranty information and box content with the most important features (thickness, connection type etc.).
  • Total change from 6-side to 4-side box and elimination of inserts used for 6-side box.

For your consideration new and updated box dimensions are the following:

S 145/145/605 mm

M 215/215/595 mm

M (new) 195/195/598 mm

L 255/255/595 mm



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