No frost in longer pipes with new lengths of DEVIaqua™!

We are happy to inform about extended product portfolio on DEVIaqua™ 9T. This electric heating cable is used to protect pipes from freezing in winter period.


  • Frost protection inside water pipes
  • Approved for drinking water
  • GDV certificate
  • Ready-made with cold tail
  • Wide range up to 417 m
  • Fits both ¾” and 1” pipes
  • Power supply 230 & 400 V
  • Safe and robust
  • Long lifetime
  • 20-year warranty




Now we have 13 more codes and 6 more Ohmic values of DEVIaqua™ 9T complying to the Danish GDV demands for use in contact with drinking water inside the pipe. Previously existing product range has been extended by 6 new lengths from 157 to 240 meters in 230 V. In addition to this, 6 codes in higher voltage were added so we can now offer lengths from 272 to 417 meters in 400 V.

DEVIaqua™ can be used for drinking water supply in private houses, offices, animal buildings, cold rooms, fabrics, water tanks, etc. It is supplied in ready-made lengths with a 3/4” and 1” fitting in the set to establish a water tight entrance for the heating cable into the drinking water pipe. It is equipped with a UV sta­ble 2,3 m cold lead with solid conductors ensuring fast installation with a clearly visible connection. The cable does not contain Lead, Halogen or PVC.

To further accommodate the needs for different output and lengths, we have made a matrix from where customers can choose other variants based on output / length. The products from the matrix must be ordered on the DEVIaqua™ special order stock code 140FXXXX with info about required output and length. Special order variants are only allowed from this matrix as these variants are also GDV certified.

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