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Electric Heating is utilized for ice and snow melting, and provides safety for people, vehicles, equipment, and buildings during winter.

One of the greatest advantages of electric systems is that they are considered the most energy efficient solution for the ice and snow melting applications.

In recent years, there have been plenty of news articles about human injuries and financial costs caused by harsh winter weather. Installation of an Ice and Snow Melting System ensures a steady solution to address cold weather-related issues. The main purpose of the system is to melt and remove snow and ice from ground surfaces and to prevent ice formations on the roof.

Why do we use Electric Heating?

Electric Heating solves the season challenge with energy efficient systems using Electric Heating cables to protect construction against snow, ice, and frost damage. Electric Heating is a sustainable solution for a green and clean future with low energy consumption during the winter period to keep your roofs and driveways dry and safe.

Electric Heating provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures efficient snow removal - area is kept free from ice and snow 24/7
  • Safe traffic and working areas for people
  • Protects the buildings against ice formations to avoid damaging
    the roof constructions at a later stage
  • Keeps pipes and equipment safe
  • Less manual work with removing snow and ice
  • Less unforeseen repair costs after winter
  • Reduces risks of roof collapse due to extra snow loads
  • Ease of installation
  • Saves costs as it always provides optimal conditions to the location where the electric heating system is installed
  • Smart 2-zone control with low energy consumption
  • A maintenance free system with 20-year full warranty on cables

How to select the right outdoor solution?

First, you need to identify the type of application. It can be ground, ramp, stair, parking area, roof, or other.

Secondly, you need to visit Project Support on our webpage where we will provide you with technical support in calculating and selecting the right product.  We can also support you with sales, installation, and after sales support: https://devi.danfoss.com/en/support/project-support/

What does the system consist of?

The heating system for outdoor consists of three main components:

  • A heating element (cable or mat with suitable specific output)
  • A controller (it can be digital with humidity and temperature sensors or analogue with temperature sensors)
  • Additional accessories depending on the selected equipment (e.g. clips, fixing tapes, or others).

How to select the right product?

It is easy to select the right heating solution according to your demands – and our solutions match both if you want to cut costs or save time:

  • Heating mats safe time during the installation;
  • Heating cables are a flexible solution for an optimal solution when you work  in narrow or odd-sized spaces;
  • Digital controllers reduce  energy consumption. Our digital controllers can monitor the temperature, and the humidity detection function ensures that the system is active only when there is humidity is in the air. This is an inbuilt cost saver because you only spend money when humidity is in the air. - Analogue controllers are mostly suitable for small heating systems (less than 5 kW);
  • Selecting specific accessories depends on the applications (surface constructions or installation sites). For roof applications – please consider the material of the roof prior to selecting the fixing elements.
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