DEVI frost protection systems for single-family houses


Today, modern technologies make our lives easier on a daily basis. Life is fast; therefore, we need simplifications, which lead us to demand maximum effect with minimal investment. According to this trend, as a homeowner, you shouldn’t waste your time clearing your driveway and roof of snow and ice.

Clearing snow and ice is a common concern and annoyance for many owners of single-family houses. Available DEVI solutions can make every snowy day easy and pleasant. You don’t need to worry about hard work during these cold days anymore.

The solution that can help you to save your time and money, improve your safety, and keep your roof and driveway free of snow, is DEVI Ice and Snow Melting Systems for both ground and roofs. After a straightforward installation, you have peace of mind for years to come about not having to clean huge amounts of snow and ice during winter. DEVI’s winter solutions ensure priceless safety as well as lowering your costs for cleaning tools. Moreover, they are environmentally aware in how they operate. It is worth mentioning that chemical mixtures for ice and snow melting can have an effect on the natural environment and destroy building constructions, which causes additional repair costs.

The number of electrical snow and ice melting systems used is increasing. Home owners who have decided to install such heating cables are pleasantly surprised that electrical energy removes a huge amount of snow and ice faster and more easily than with a pickaxe, shovel, sand or salt.

 Full-scale reliable solutions for ice and snow melting provided by DEVI include heating cables or mats as well as dedicated modern and energy efficient thermostats with sensors. Each installation is matched individually for personal needs and capabilities of each home owner by a trained and certified installer in order to deliver the highest quality of DEVI service. Furthermore, DEVI offers a 20-year warranty for its heating cables and mats called DEVIwarranty™.

DEVI Ice and Snow Melting Systems for ground and roofs can be installed in a new construction or existing buildings. DEVI solutions are fully automatized; based on the temperature and humidity data, the system decides if heating is necessary and turns it on or off. Additionally, you can operate the system manually if you prefer.

DEVI guarantees total reliability of its outdoor heating solutions.

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