Renovate with DEVI


If you are about to start renovating, this is the perfect moment to consider installing DEVI. DEVI electric heating solutions are the best comfort heating systems to install both for renovation as well as for new buildings.

It’s almost impossible to imagine our daily activities without the electrical devices that provide us with so many facilities and comfort of life. One of these comforts that we almost take for granted nowadays is the temperature we enjoy in our home.

DEVI comfort heating solutions not only supply this basic need for the desired temperature in the most economic and user-friendly way, it also opens up the opportunity to enjoy your house barefoot; and we all know that walking barefoot simply is nice and healthy. Not only is DEVI heating solutions a natural choice when setting up a new house, it is also the perfect solution when you need to improve the comfort of your house during renovation or remodeling.

Your new floor right on top of the old

The ultra-thin DEVImat™ can be laid directly in the tile adhesive, enabling you to make a new floor on top of the old one. It makes installing this quick and easy. Thanks to the short time to dry, you save time and money as well as avoiding the fuss of having to break up the old floor.

Dry installation under parquet, laminates, and planks 

Another easy solution is DEVIdry™. You can install floor heating systems easily and fast with DEVIdry™. Thanks to the patented Click System, you simply click DEVIdry™ parts together.  This system does not require the usual layer of filler screed between the heat source and the floor, so you can simply put it under your carpet.

DEVIdry™ consists of soft and bendable materials, which are easy to roll out and adapt to the exact measurements of any room.

The safety of our heating system is ensured by the high quality and reliable construction of the cables. All DEVI mats and cables are manufactured in the EU, under the highest quality control. By choosing DEVI intelligent solutions, you can be sure that you are given the best possible products, service, and warranty.

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