Shortcut to energy and money savings


With DEVI intelligent solutions, such as DEVIregTM Touch, you have the easiest way to save energy and money on electrical heating. The quick button on the side of the front is your shortcut to energy savings.

Instead of getting lost or giving up on deep navigation in menus, it makes it easy to tell your heating system, e.g., when you are out in the weekend. Using this functionality on DEVIregTM Touch 10 times per year makes a difference of around 8% on your energy bill.

Save energy

DEVI floor heating system is above all a heating system, which offers the lowest possible energy loss. Thanks to optimal thermal positioning in the floor and precise temperature control with a DEVIreg™ thermostat, the average room temperature can be reduced by 1 - 2°C when compared with traditional radiator heating. This reduction is done without influencing thermal comfort level.

This means that the energy loss can be reduced up to 10 - 20%, which is both economically and environmentally beneficial.

As an extra benefit, DEVI floor heating is cheaper to install than other heating systems with similar abilities.

Turning on your money savings

If you are on holiday and away from your home for a week or more, you can turn off the heat completely. Are you away from home for a long weekend or less than a week? You can just lower the temperature by 5 - 6oC.

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DEVIflex™ is an extremely high-quality, 360° fully screened twin conductor cable with a tough outer sheath (non UV stable). Its round profile and robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation in multiple indoor floor constructions and pipe tracing applications.
DEVIreg™ Touch
The DEVIreg™ 850 is an advanced thermostat with LED display used for outdoor ground or roof applications. The sensors provide information about both moisture level and temperature, resulting in an optimal control of the heating system. The system can be set up in three ways; as a single system for roof or ground (1 to 4 sensors), as a dual system for roof or ground (2 - 4 sensors) or as a combination system for roof and ground (2 - 4 sensors). In the dual / combination systems it is possible to prioritize between the zones, e.g. if only a limited power output is available.
DEVIlink™ CC – Central Controller, is the perfect solution for the regulation of electric floor heating both for apartments, family houses and multifamily buildings. DEVIlink™ is Danfoss Link™ App enabled, that offers you the unique possibility to control your electrical heating systems from a distance via an App on your smartphone. The DEVIlink™ CC (Central Controller) is the central brain in the DEVIlink™ system, which includes several wireless DEVIlink™ devices installed in the building. The idea of the DEVIlink™ System is to link together your heating system wirelessly and control it from one central point. The DEVIlink™ CC communicates wirelessly with all other DEVIlink™ units in the installation. A single DEVIlink™ CC can control up to 30 rooms and be connected up to totally 50 devices.