Smart plugin software - makes Electric Heating design easier!

We are happy to inform about new developed free plugin in Electric Heating for AutoCAD.


This new plugin will support your engineering and design journey by making your work faster due to simple functionalities in calculating all lengths, dimensions and product data of cables and mats. It covers all applications within Electric Heating: Electric floor heating, Ice & Snow melting systems, Pipe tracing, Cold stores, Sport fields, Vineyards etc. By utilizing user friendly plugin, you will reduce design time for the project, provide all necessary information for installers in HTML/PDF format: BoM, resistance value check list, warranty list format. It means all project information can be consolidated in one file.

The new software is intended for professional designers, technicians and specialists working in close cooperation with customers and partners for Electric Heating projects.


The plugin will be available shortly on Danfoss Software Center for downloading. If you would like to have the plugin already today, you are welcome to contact


Project team: Robert Siwiec, Dirk Jensen, Oleksandr Moroshchuk.


Main benefits:

  • Faster work on projects
  • Simple functionalities
  • Software covers all applications within electric heating
  • Design time reduction
  • All project info is consolidated in ONE file

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