Types of underfloor heating methods


Nowadays, electrical floor heating solutions provided by DEVI are not only comfortable, but also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You have to consider what kind of heating method is suitable for your needs before installing floor heating.

There are different kinds of heating methods:

  1. Direct heating, where heating cables or mats are placed near the floor surface. The direct heating system may be installed as:
    1. Total heating (also called primary heating) - floor heating as the only source of heat. DEVI floor heating is an effective heating system that easily can heat up your house as the only heating source.

    2. Comfort heating (also called supplementary heating) - floor heating as a supplement to other sources of heat, e.g., radiators, fireplaces, etc.

DEVI floor heating makes the floor comfortably warm and can be installed in all types of floors and with all kind of floor coverings.

  1. Accumulating/storage/semi-storage, where floor heating gets the maximum out of low tariff periods.

DEVI storage heating systems are designed for use on the ground floor of houses, where it is possible to take full advantage of an electricity company’s low-tariff periods.

The heating cables are embedded in a thick layer of concrete that accumulates the heat produced during the low-tariff period.

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