Why outdoor heating?


Electrical heating solutions are mostly linked to indoor heating, mainly for bathrooms and kitchens.

However, heating cables are the simplest and easiest way to avoid winter-related troubles.

Many homeowners experience the challenges of ice and snow with roofs, gutters, downpipes and on the driveway. Electric heating cables can minimize these problems for homeowners. DEVI outdoor heating solutions will not only clean snow and ice from your roof or driveway, they also protect your roof and gutter from hard damage caused by ice, and provide safe walking and driving areas for you, your family, and guests.

Domestic housing especially at risk

Roofs with a gentle pitch are especially vulnerable to damage caused by the weight of snow. When it starts to melt, snow becomes wet and heavy. This leads to a dramatic increase in structural damage caused by the sheer weight of the snow as well as by large volumes of melted ice that cannot escape because of frozen gutters and downpipes.

Many homeowners solve these problems by manually clearing the snow or by pouring boiling water into gutters and downpipes. While they can be effective, these measures are both time consuming and, potentially, highly dangerous. A far more effective and much safer solution is simply to install a DEVI snow and ice melting electric cable system.

A simple and safe solution

DEVI outdoor heating solution is very simple and safe. The system was inspired by the company’s long experience with electric cables for indoor floor heating systems. These cables can be quickly and easily positioned on the lower areas of roofs and in gutters and downpipes. They can also be effectively installed in other places, such as driveways, paths, wheelchair access ramps, and stairs. No matter where the cables are installed, the system is really easy for each homeowner to use.

Energy efficient and cost reducing thermostats

DEVI advanced intelligent thermostat automatically regulates the system based on the actual temperature and humidity conditions. In cold but dry weather, the system remains inactive, saving energy and costs. When the weather is cold and wet, the system is automatically activated, quickly melting snow and preventing the buildup of ice. Nevertheless, you always have the option to manually control the system via the thermostat.

An outdoor heating system from DEVI is quick to install, easy to control, and inexpensive to operate. The desired snow and ice prevention effect can be fully achieved by installing cables only in those areas that are most susceptible to major buildups of snow and ice, for example where buildings meet each other, around exposed downpipes or points where the most melted ice is channeled.

DEVI reliable heating solutions are made in European Union with the highest standards of quality control.

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