Why should you get a professional installer to fit electric heating?


DEVI reliable solutions are easy to maintain and set up. Considering the safety of electrical installation, it is highly recommended to hire a certified installer for planning and installing heating cables for indoor and outdoor heating.

For the installation of DEVI products, we strongly recommend to contact a DEVI ELITE installer. By picking one of them, you can be sure that they are a certified electrician and they have up-to-date knowledge on DEVI solutions through specialized workshops and e-learning trainings.

The DEVI ELITE installer will fit the best DEVI solution to suit your demands. When considering electrical heating, prior to making a purchase decision, you should consult possible options with a professional installer. Such an expert will help you choose the best solution, which considers your safety and comfort as well as energy efficiency and money savings.

By hiring a professional installer recommended by DEVI, you can trust in the highest quality of electrical heating solutions with a DEVIwarrantyTM of up to 20 years. 

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