Energy Plus House

The energy+ house - the future is electric

The intelligent low energy houses of the future take advantage of the power of the sun.

 In order to ensure a pleasant indoor climate, electrical floor heating is a preferred solution in many homes.  

 The energy+ house in Denmark shows how solar power cells work on the roof of a house; 40 m2 of solar power cells provide more than enough energy to heat up the house, even during the long winter of the northern hemisphere.

Gives more than it takes

In terms of energy, the energy+ house gives more than it takes, powering the entire electrical floor heating system of the home plus a ventilation system with heat recovery. The heating and ventilation system is controlled via a central panel, which enables temperature setting in all rooms from one point.

The energy+ house solution requires no special structures and can be used in all types of buildings. The energy+ house is a future-proof solution that lives up the coming building code, BR20. The entire system is maintenance free and has a long life.

Strong alternative

A total solution, combining electrical floor heating and solar cells, is a strong alternative to other environmentally friendly heating solutions.

For decades, electricity has been a severely-criticized heating solution and many people associate electrical heating with pollution and high energy prices. However, today it is a good, sound, and environmentally-friendly business to base a total heating solution on electricity.

Electrical floor heating and solar power cells are a completely new green possibility for future home owners. Due to the high degree of insulation and the low energy consumption of the new houses, they produce surplus electricity during the summer.

The electricity is “sold back” to the grid and, during the winter, it can be “bought back” at the same price. In this way, the home owner produces his own CO2 neutral electricity and, at the same time, obtains all the conceivable conveniences of today.

The inverters transform the solar energy into electricity in an efficient and economical way.

DEVI electronic floor heating provides instant heating and complete control. With an excellent thermal placement in the floor and an exact temperature control via the control system DEVIlink™, the home owner will get a flexible and efficient world-class heating system.

The DEVIlink™ system provides the possibility for controlling the floor heating with max. and min. temperatures that, in combination with room sensors, will give you the best possible comfort. There are also substantial energy savings due to the individually adjusted periods of temperature lowering - key factors for achieving a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in contemporary homes.

The high degree of insulation in the houses requires that the home is supplied with clean, fresh air to avoid mold and mildew. At the same time, the system ensures that 90% of the heat is recovered and added to the fresh injection air before it disappears out of the house.

The energy+ house is equipped with:

  • Electrical floor heating from DEVI
  • Intelligent DEVIlink™ control panel, which ensures comfort
  • Solar PV panels from Zetecto with Danfoss Solar Inverters
  • Danfoss Air – the heat recovery, ventilation system from Danfoss
Project overview