Fredrikstad Stadium, Norway

Electrical heating extends the seasonal use of the facilities

For many years, Fredrikstad Stadium had one of the country’s best natural grass fields supported with hydronic heating. After a fault in the heating system, it was dug up and relayed, but the depth of the pipes varied greatly afterwards.

This resulted in an uneven surface temperature and the heating of the field was not as intended.

Now, the entire field has been converted to a modern artificial turf field with electric underground heating from DEVI.

In 2013, the Municipality of Fredrikstad purchased Fredrikstad Stadium in order to keep the facility for the city and cater to the interests of football and recreational sports. The municipality hopes that, in the future, the facility will be characterized by a high level of activity from both elite and recreational football, tournaments, concerts, and other events.

Project cooperation

Stig Skau from DEVI designed the heating system. When doing the design work, he cooperated with COWI, the consulting engineering company that assisted the Municipality of Fredrikstad in conjunction with the change to artificial turf and electric heating. During the process, he also collaborated closely with the electrical contractor, Elkomfort AS, the company that was in charge of the installation.

It was delivered in record time: DEVI came into the project at the beginning of December 2014 and, in a short time, managed both the work with the design and manufacture of 228 heating mats, which were delivered and installed in February. “Obviously, we would have liked to come in at an earlier date,” says Stig Skau, “but naturally we will make use of all our resources to achieve such a delivery, even if time is limited.”

Project overview


Heating mats