Gediminas Tower Vilnius

The Gediminas Tower is part of a larger castle, which dates back to the 15th century. It is one of the most important historical monuments in Lithuania. In 2012 DEVI outdoor heating system was installed on the top of the tower, on an area measuring 150 square meter. The top of Gediminas Tower is very popular observation deck in Vilnius. Tourists no longer need to worry about slipping or falling on icy tiles on a cold winter’s day, when they enjoy the view of the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

Key Account Manager Marius Žardalevičius from Danfoss Heating Solutions organized the order and is pleased that Danfoss is helping to make visiting the castle a more pleasant experience. “Furthermore, the people who work there avoid regular, manual removal of snow and ice. Also, intelligent thermostat makes the system very efficient and reduces running costs,” he says.

Project Overview:

Purpose of the DEVI system: snow and ice melting on the ground completed on 2012

Project overview

150 m2

Installed power  - total output 45kW