Kongsberg Railway Station

Passenger safety provide by DEVI

Kongsberg Railway Station was totally rehabilitated during 2003 and 2005. The client, NSB, needed help in the planning process from a supplier with experience in big ice and snow melting applications for platforms, walking areas, tunnels, and stairs. DEVI had such experience, and its products were described as standard in the enquiry.

Nowadays, travelers enjoy excellent traveling conditions in every season and particularly safe conditions during the winter months.

Project Overview:

Purpose of the DEVI system: Ice and snow melting system for platforms, walking areas, tunnels, and stairs.

Project overview

750 m2

Heating cables
DEVIsnow™ is an extremely high-quality, 360° fully screened twin conductor cable with a tough outer sheath (UV stable). Its round profile and robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation on roofs, in gutters, down drain pipes and on the ground. The cold lead has solid conductors ensuring fast installation with a clearly visible connection. To ensure a long life-time, all cables are minutely inspected including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls to ensure the quality. This means that we are proud to supply our extended DEVIwarranty™.
The DEVIreg™ 850 is an advanced thermostat with LED display used for outdoor ground or roof applications. The sensors provide information about both moisture level and temperature, resulting in an optimal control of the heating system. The system can be set up in three ways; as a single system for roof or ground (1 to 4 sensors), as a dual system for roof or ground (2 - 4 sensors) or as a combination system for roof and ground (2 - 4 sensors). In the dual / combination systems it is possible to prioritize between the zones, e.g. if only a limited power output is available.
Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats
Accessories and spare parts for controls