Konya Stadium

Electrically heated, multi-purpose stadium

The new Konya Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Konya, Turkey. It is part of complex of sports venues that are planned on the outskirts of the city, as part of the Konya Olympic Village. It will effectively replace the ageing Konya Atatürk Stadium, which has been in use since the early 1950s. The stadium has a capacity of nearly 42,276 people (all seated) and will be totally covered.

Purpose of the system

Today’s sports arenas are being turned into the most modern multi-functional buildings around that must be able to host sport games and events, irrespective of weather conditions. The biggest challenge is to maintain the field in a perfect condition when all the games are on, through the tough weather conditions and, in some situations, the other events that are taking place on the field .

Electrical heating is the no. 1 solution

In order to work around this, electrical heating for sports fields is, in most cases, the multi-purpose solution to take on many of these challenges. Not only does it prevent the field from being hit with frost and/or snow very efficiently and with energy awareness when this is needed, it also serves as a growth and restoration stimulator for the grass. All this ensures a better pitch that can be used to the max, irrespective of the season or location.

The main reason to go for electrical heating is that it is simple and hassle-free compared to other solutions where more mechanical equipment is needed to ensure the system performs well and the risk of breaking down because of weather conditions.

Expertise in multi-sport pitches

As the global leader in electrical heating, DEVI proved its expertise in solutions dedicated for multi-sport areas and football pitches. One of the most recent examples is the New Konya Stadium in Turkey; this ultra-modern, multi-purpose stadium with a capacity of over 42,000 visitors is heated by 44,232 meters of DEVI cable, guaranteeing sports all year round.

Convincing the decision makers

We started by visiting the project designers and the municipality to explain that DEVI heating cables can easily be installed and that it is a good cost-efficient way to speed up the growth of the grass and to improve the restoration conditions for the grass and to speed up the snow melting.

Until our meeting, the decision makers did not know that heating cables could be used in football fields.

They first decided to use a hydronic system, but we convinced them to use electric heating cables instead of a hydronic system.

We explain to them that they needed bigger boilers, pumps, and other mechanical equipment to ensure that a hydronic system would perform well. Moreover, there is always a risk of water freezing inside the pipes. Additionally, we presented our football field heating references from Europa. “We see a lot of new projects around the world that use this source of heating to support the conditions of the field, among which were many football pitches that were provided with our DEVI solutions. They clearly look for the easiest, most cost efficient and robust solution to suit more than one purpose for their fields,” says Marius Beek, DEVI.

Project Overview:

  • 180 pcs of DEVIbasic™ 20S – 228 m
  • 12 pcs of DEVIreg™ 330
  • 300 pcs of DEVIfast™
Project overview


Heating cables
Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats