The first underground roundabout in Slovakia heated by the electric heating system

Roundabouts are important helpers wherever problems with reduced road visibility could arise.
Construction of the first underground roundabout in Slovakia started in 2018 at Mlynské Nivy, one of the busiest transport hubs in Bratislava.
More than 1,300 bus connections run daily in this location. Perfect transport accessibility and service, a mix of residents and workers and a friendly approach to cycling, public transport and the environment make Nové Nivy a neighborhood for anyone who wants to enjoy a full, modern life in the city.

For better organization of transport, the designer chose the variant of an underground roundabout. This is the very first roundabout underground in Slovakia located at 12 meters below the ground. It won’t be suitable for buses, but mostly for cars driving to the underground parking.
The project covers an international bus terminal, a shopping center, a market and a multistory office building.

From the point of view of its safe and continuous operation, the entrance needs to be protected against harsh weather conditions during winter months. That is why the project used the experience of a professional installation company, which ensured the installation of more than 800 m2 - 4 heated tracks leading to an underground roundabout.

We believe that not only the investor but especially the users of the road will appreciate the advantages of protection against ice and snow.

Project overview

Application type:
Ground ice and snow melting

Project Size:
800 m²

Installed power:
240 kW

DEVIsnow 300T 400V

DEVIreg 850 IV (10 pcs paired with DEVIreg 850 IV, 2 pcs with weather station)

Year of implementation:

Outdoor Heating mats