Private house in Lučenec, South Slovakia

Maximum comfort with minimal investment

The homeowners of this 170 m² single-family building wanted to create a modern, but nice and cozy, place for their family. After careful consideration, they decided to use DEVI electrical floor heating solutions.

The house was built in 2009, and its interior was designed in a mixed modern and classical style. For the owners, radiators were not an option which would fit their chosen design. They were looking for alternative solutions, such as floor heating. With its long-lasting warranty and energy-saving thermostats, DEVI was the perfect choice. The owners preferred to have the option to set a temperature for each room separately.

DEVI electrical cables were installed throughout the house during one day.

“Electrical heating needs careful and thorough technical preparations. A technical project like this depends, not only on the length of cables, but also the building parameters, the possibility of heat loss and energy efficiency,” explains engineer Jozef Chrzán, a DEVI systems installation specialist.

The owners were also pleasantly surprised by the price of installing DEVI. Moreover, with DEVI‘s floor heating, they can avoid the additional yearly costs of the obligatory boiler controls. “Our monthly energy bills using all the electrical applications in the house, including electrical heating, are now down to €80,” the happy owner said.

Project size:

  • Zone heated: 120 m2

Product used:

  • DEVIflex 18 – 800 m
  • DEVIfast 25m – 7 pcs
  • DEVIlink RS – 8 pcs
  • DEVIlink FT – 10 pcs
  • DEVIlink CC– 1 pc.
Project overview


Heating cables
Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats