RSCA Anderlecht Stadium, Bruxelles

Seed Bed Heating becomes mandatory in 2010 for stadiums in the Belgian First Division.

The RSC Anderlecht pitch is a semi-synthetic field constructed in 2007. It is based on 90% sand and reinforced with 40 million PE fibres. The investment, at that time, for RSCA was already about €500k, so making a whole new pitch was not an option.

 DEVI was installed to heat the seed bed to extend the grass growing season as well as keep the turf frost free and playable in periods of frost. The project was completed in June 2009.

 The electrical system was chosen as:

-  cable installation could be retrofitted with a special machine without damaging more than 3% of the

PE fibers and the field was playable after 4 weeks;

- the power supply was already available, thus saving the cost, approval, and operation of a 720 kW gas-fired boiler;

- the control of the heating cables was included in the existing PLC control SMART EYE for irrigation and draining.

Project Overview:

Project size: 8,000 m2 heated with 83 W/m2 divided in 4 zones

Project overview