Shopping Arena, Austria

The shopping center Alpenstrasse was the first of its kind in the city of Salzburg. The visitors can now shop and eat in two houses on three levels on 23 500 square meters in 70 shops and restaurants. The two houses are connected by a wide corridor under the Alpine road. You can find many famous fashion brands are among the leading companies offering their goods and services on the shopping arena.

In 2014 DEVI was chosen to provide pipe protection for rain pipes.

Project Overview:

Purpose of the DEVI system: pipe tracing

Project size: 2100m

Installed power  - total output 35,3 kW

Products used:

DEVIpipeguard – 10: 1200 m

DEVIpipeguard-25: 800 m

DEVIpipeguard-33: 100 m

Connecto AS – 73 pcs

Coccecto T – 13 pcs

Project overview
  • 2100 m
  • Installed power  - total output 35,3 kW
Heating Cables
The DEVIpipeguard™ is a self-limiting heating cable that is mainly used for frost protection of pipes. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output of the cable increase or decrease according to ambient temperature. The cable will maintain its functionality even when shortened. The polyolefin outer sheath is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and corrosion and it also serves as a protection against mechanical influences.