Smart heat control at Alléhotellet in Finspång

Alléhotellet in Finspång, Sweden, has been in the Källgren/ Söderberg family for 17 years now. Stefan Källgren explains that when they took over the hotel there was only a washbasin in the rooms and since they took over the family has built a bathrooms with shower and toilet in all rooms. In eight of the hotel’s bathroom the floor heating is being regulated with the thermostat DEVIreg™ Smart. In total, there are 14 hotel rooms at Alléhotellet.

Stefan tells us that he received several different suggestions on thermostats from Elektroskandia, but no solution was as good as DEVIreg™ Smart. ‘It is a perfect way of controlling the floor heating for us who run a hotel. We can use the function on the thermostat where we can set a maximum limitation on the temperature. This way we keep our energy costs while guaranteeing the comfort of our guests,’ Stefan says.

Previously, Alléhotellet had problems with guests that raised their previous thermostats so much that the thermostat got defective.

One of the advantages of DEVIreg™ Smart is that the thermostat can be locked at a certain temperature or you can set a certain range of temperatures. In addition, Stefan thinks that the thermostat’s design fits well in their bathrooms in the hotel. A big advantage for Alléhotellet is that they can now save both time and money.

Even when Stefan and his family were traveling in the US and Poland, the thermostat worked pleasingly. DEVIreg™ Smart is controlled via an app, giving you access to your settings wherever you are in the world. Other features of DEVIreg™ Smart are: Weather function, energy saving program including a start/stop function that provides the desired temperature at the right time and can therefore reduce heating costs. Stefan controls all thermostats via his smartphone. Stefan got in contact with DEVI after he had talked with Roland Larsson at Elektroskandia in Norrköping, Sweden, who told that DEVI was there in his shop and showed a solution that could be a perfect fit for Alléhotellet. After that, Stefan met our DEVI representative who informed him about DEVIreg™ Smart and offered a complete solution for Alléhotellet. The choice was easy for Stefan and so far, he has only positive experiences with DEVIreg™ Smart.

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