The Christchurch International Airport

DEVI provides safety during the winter for Christchurch Airport, New Zealand.

The Christchurch Airport is the 2nd busiest airport in New Zealand and it acts as the main air-traffic gateway to the popular South Island for domestic and international tourism and trade. Due to its increasing numbers of passengers, the airport has completed construction of a major terminal upgrade.

At 43.5 degrees south and just 3,800 km from Scott’s Antarctic base, winter in Christchurch regularly delivers frost and snow. For such a busy airport, safety during the winter is crucial. In order to reduce any hazards that may be caused by winter conditions, a DEVI electrical heating solution was installed during the Christchurch Airport redevelopment.  

This DEVI electrical heating solution provides safety to the exposed vehicle ramps of the multi-story parking building and the exterior doorway paving of the domestic and the international terminals.

Project Overview:

Airport car park building - exposed motor vehicle ramps


DEVIsnow™ 30T - 900 m

DEVIreg™ 850 x2, with ground sensor

Installed power: 26.25 kW Output: 300W/m2 (nominal), 400Vac configuration  

Terminal outdoor paving - paved terminal building entries and exits


DEVIsnow™ 30T - 590 m

DEVIreg™ 850 x2, with ground sensor

Installed power: 17.9 kW

Output: 150W/m2 (nominal), 230Vac configuration

Project overview


Heating cables