The Custom Office, Kazbegi, Georgia

DEVI heating cables, surviving extreme circumstances at the Georgian border

DEVI electrical heating solutions proved their resilience when surviving heavy flooding at the Customs Offices in Georgia. In 2012, the Georgian government decided to install DEVI indoor heating in the buildings and snow melting systems outside on roofs, roads, and ground at their customs site in Kazbegi at the Georgian and Russian border. This is one of the most picturesque places in the Middle East with its magical cemeteries and old churches surrounded by wild mountains.

In 2014, this peaceful area was hit by the worst flooding in decades, caused by a huge amount of snow from the mountains. The flooding had a devastating effect on the whole area. There was damage caused by the devastating flooding to all the buildings, wrecking walls, roofs, and even wiping away parts of the roads.

The government needed to rebuild and repair the site immediately and were looking at a huge task in front of them. When they had pumped out the water from the buildings, they immediately requested a calculation on how much it would cost to install and or repair the DEVI systems. This was where they were pleasantly surprised for the first time during the disaster. When the electrical specialist came, he just switched on the thermostats, and… done, the system was still working!

Everyone was highly impressed by this display of quality made by the DEVI products that were used.

Project overview


Heating mats
Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats
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