Pioneering electrical heating for 75 years

This year DEVI celebrates their 75th anniversary. Since the beginning in Copenhagen in 1942, DEVI has established themselves as Europe’s leading electrical heating brand within the industry. The winning formula? Best-in-class technology and a unique understanding of how electric underfloor heating brings warmth, coziness, and atmosphere into people’s lives.

Time is changing, but the value of people’s homes remains the same. Home is where you relax, recharge your batteries, live, and laugh. Founded in Denmark, DEVI knows all about the value of creating a comfortable home and not least the Danish concept of ´hygge´. Hygge translates roughly to ´coziness´. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

During the past 75 years, DEVI has supported the creation of warm, safe, and welcoming homes with electric underfloor heating solutions with long-lasting effects:

DEVI organization takes pride and responsibility in the creation of homes with atmosphere, warmth, and freedom. We have been a vital yet unseen part of people’s lives for the past 75 years and will continue to be so thanks to our innovative solutions, market leading expertise, and cooperation with professionals.

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Powered by professionals for 75 years

DEVI’s position as market leader in Europe and the representation in nations such as North America, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, China, India and many others, is very much thanks to a rewarding cooperation with installers and other professionals all over the world.

This cooperation gives DEVI a unique understanding of the professionals’ situations and needs, which is vital when pioneering solutions of tomorrow. The ambition to constantly set new market standards is the main driver behind DEVI’s innovative and comprehensive range of products.

Today, majority of DEVI’s production takes place in France (Saint Malo)  and Poland (Grodzisk Mazowiecki), which means that approximately 90% of DEVI products are being manufactured in European Union.

Nowadays, millions of buildings are equipped with DEVI electrical heating solutions. Our indoor underfloor heating solutions and outdoor systems - for ice and snow melting for houses, hotels, offices, and industries – are installed all over the world from Northern Norway to New Zealand.

DEVI electrical heating is designed to meet customer needs and many applications:

Floor heating in apartments

  1. Electrical floor heating:
  • For renovation or new building construction
  • Total heating (also called primary heating) where floor heating is the only source of heat:
    • for any premises (residences, apartments, holiday house, office, store room, workshops or industrial buildings)
    • for nearly all types of floor surfaces
    • for wet and dry installation
  • Comfort heating (also called supplementary heating) - floor heating as a supplement to other sources of heat, e.g., radiators, fireplaces, etc.

Heated driveway

  1. Safety applications:
  • DEVI outdoor ice and snow melting system is very simple and designed to provide safety for people, vehicles, and buildings through safe walking and driving during winter and safety in terms of less damage to buildings and roofs. The system was inspired by the company’s long experience with electric cables for indoor floor heating systems. No matter where the cables are installed, the system is easy for each homeowner to use.

Pipe heating cables installation

  1. Frost protection of pipes:
  • DEVI provides a high-tech heating solution to efficiently fight against frozen pipes. DEVI’s pipes frost protection systems are installed where there is a need to prevent water and sanitary pipes from freezing and becoming ice damaged. DEVI’s pipe tracing systems may be used on the inside and outside of pipes, for indoor and outdoor pipe networks as well as for pipes above and below the ground. DEVI thermostats with sensors ensure that optimal results are achieved with the least possible amount of energy.


  1. Additional systems for many other areas:
  • Leisure or sports fields
  • Hotels and Oficess
  • Airports and heliports
  • Cold stores and Agricultural buildings
  • Marine and transport

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Thinking ahead: electrical heating in modern low-energy houses

 Modern low-energy houses need very little heating, if any. But the temperature regulation has to be intelligent and flexible due to temporal temperature precision, as well as the lowest energy use. The modern way of living, always on the move, requires full control of a new heating system by Smart App, from anywhere in the world. DEVI offers all this and more. Thermal comfort and optimal energy use is always assured with DEVI electric underfloor heating system.

DEVI thermostats with mobile applications, allow you to control the temperature of your home from a distance. No matter how far away you are, when you have internet connection, you can simply switch the heating on or off, or set up a required temperature in each room.

Nowadays, electrical floor heating is the solution of choice for modern energy efficient houses.

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