DEVI for your home

Flats and apartments

Electrical floor heating can be applied as an additional heating source, in flats and apartments, in larger buildings. You can easily add a thin DEVImat or DEVIdry during a renovation and enjoy a warmed interior and floor when outside temperature goes down before the heating season.

One family houses

At DEVI, not only do you find energy efficient and cost effective electrical heating solutions for each room, but also intelligent systems to keep your roofs and driveways dry and safe during the winter.

DEVI electrical heating systems are easy to install when a building is under construction, as well as when you renovate it.


Not only does DEVI provide a warm tile floor in bathrooms, our electric heating solutions also ensure a mist-free mirror after a long, steamy bath.  During the winter, DEVI solutions can easily make the building free of ice and snow, and safely dry pavements as well as driveways for your guests. Outdoor electrical heating systems designed by DEVI make your hotel well prepared for any winter weather conditions.


Everyday luxury is not only a matter of warm feet, it is also achieving a comfortable room temperature with the lowest possible energy consumption. This you can achieve by installing DEVI solutions for electric underfloor heating.

The wholesome heat surrounding your feet slowly rises, warming your body and feels comfortable at head height. As you make most of your heat, you can safely reduce the temperature and, with that, the energy consumption, which will lower your bills.

Electrical floor heating provides its users with many advantages, such as the best heat distribution within a room, savings on efficiency and maintenance as well as the comfort of simply having a warm floor. On top of this, electrical floor heating doesn’t interfere with your interior design in any way.

Irrespective of whether your heating requirements are large or small, DEVI electrical floor heating ensures efficient, comfortable heating without compromising on interior design. You can find a DEVI floor heating solution suitable and optimized for every purpose imaginable. You can easy equip every room in your house or flat, not only a bathroom or a kitchen, but also a living room, a playroom, and bedrooms as well as a hallway.

Many important events in Swedish history have taken place in the Örebro Castle. Nowadays, it is open to the general public and you can take a guided tour to feel the monumental history hidden within its walls. It appears that those walls also hide solutions tailored for the 21st century.