Marine and transport

Electric heating for marine and transport

Intelligent electric heating systems provide high comfort for passengers of exclusive ferries, yachts, and modern city buses.

Electric heating solutions for transportation allow for a high comfort level for passengers and the lowest energy consumption for carriers. Electric heating systems ensure high comfort for passengers in cabins and bathrooms on board ships. Such solutions are also used during the production of modern buses, trains, and aircrafts.

With use of high-end digital thermostats, electric heating systems are designed to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption.

We supply heating cables with a 20-year full warranty and thermostats with a 5-year full warranty. This means you can enjoy optimum performance with high reliability that’s virtually maintenance free. In case of any issues, not only will a new product be delivered, but also the cost of re-establishing original installation will be reimbursed.

Facts about Electric Heating by Danfoss
Electric Heating by Danfoss is energy efficient and environmentally friendly meeting your needs in various applications. It enables you great comfort and convenience whilst ensuring user friendly solutions with lasting effect and highest quality standards.

Electric heating solutions are supported by legislations in key European countries. Directives that are coming in force in the biggest European markets give the green light to the trend: use eco-friendly systems and new materials ensuring energy saving.

DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVIwarranty™ – your peace of mind
DEVIwarranty™ is a series of five individual, best-in-market warranties to give you full peace of mind while using electric heating products in electric heating systems. For all electric heating products, we provide two warranty types: Product warranty and Full-service warranty valid from the 1st of July, 2021.
DOs and DON’Ts for Indoor Electric Heating
Electric heating systems do not require specific maintenance. However, there’s a list of recommendations to consider when using our products.
Indoor Solutions
Electric Heating is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly floor heating solution. It is a great choice if you want save energy and reduce your CO2 footprint.
Safe, quality and reliable electrical heating
DEVI heating solutions are permitted for use in houses, apartments, and other facilities. Safety is ensured by the high quality, reliable construction of the cables and installation in accordance to building standards.