Heating cables

DEVI heating cables are developed for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating and total heating via floor, ice and snow melting for grounds, frost protection for roofs, pipe tracing, sports field heating, cold store protection and many others.

DEVI offers full range of electrical heating cables for small houses as well as large commercial buildings and special constructions. Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new building or larger renovation projects.

The unique design ensures maximum performance in all situations and the flexible cable construction makes installation faster and easier than ever before. Add to this our unique 20-year warranty, which covers product, installation and new floor costs and you know you are in safe hands.

  • Easy to install, flexible cable
  • Fast reaction time
  • Safe and robust
  • Long life-time with up to 20-year full warranty

Resistive heating cables
DEVIflex™ 6T
DEVIflex™ 10T
DEVIflex™ 18T
DEVIflex™ 30T
DEVIbasic™ 10S
DEVIbasic™ 20S
DEVIcomfort™ 10T
DEVIasphalt™ 30T
DEVIsafe™ 20T 230V
DEVIsafe™ 20T 400V
DEVIsnow™ 20T
DEVIsnow™ 30T
Self-limiting and special heating cables
DEVIaqua™ 9T
DEVIpipeheat™ 10 with plug
DEVIpipeheat™ 10 on drum
DEVIiceguard™ 18 with plug
DEVIiceguard™ 18 on drum
DEVIpipeguard™ 10/25/33
DEVIhotwatt™ 45/55/70
DEVIbasic™ Drum Goods