• Rýchla a jednoduchá inštalácia
  • Asfaltové aplikácie
  • Veľmi robustný
  • Dlhá životnosť
  • Maximálna ochrana
  • UV stabilný
  • Bez polymérov vinylchloridu (PVC)
  • Rozšírená záruka 20 rokov

DEVIasphalt™ is an extremely high-quality, 360° fully screened twin conductor heating mat with a very robust outer sheath (UV stable), designed especially for embedding in mastic or asphalt concrete (road asphalt).

The cold lead has solid conductors ensuring fast installation with a clearly visible connection.

To ensure a long life-time, all cables are minutely inspected including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls to ensure the quality. This means that we are proud to supply our extended DEVIwarranty™.