Other heating products

Mirror heating

Steamed-up mirrors can be irritating, particularly in small bathrooms where they can steam up quickly. DEVI offers a simple and invisible solution to the problem: installing a heating mat behind the mirror.

The mat heats the mirror and eliminates the effect of temperature difference. You can set up the mirror heating mat to be switched on together with the bathroom light. This provides you with ‘no-steam’ comfort and consumes no more energy than 60W.

It is easy to fit the heating mat behind the mirror. However, please remember that connections to the main power supply must be carried out by an authorized electrician. For mirror heating we recommend DEVIfoil™ Mirror.

Towel rails

Damp, moldy bathroom towels can cause issues, such as lower hygiene and the simple pleasure of touching them. However, DEVI helps to keep them dry and clean all day long with a simple, elegant towel dryer.

DEVIrail™ is the towel dryer that is easy to install and is an ideal fit for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and holiday homes. It is also a low-energy product and you simply can switch it on/off whenever you wish. 

Modern and universal design looks good with all styles of interior design and you can choose between chrome and white. DEVIrail™ is available in for 20W, 40W, and 60W.

Fan heaters

The DEVItemp™ fan heater is a complete portable heating system that provides a temporary but efficient heating solution. The fan heater is designed to withstand heat and cold, damp and heavy use on construction sites.

The built-in thermostat ensures that the required temperature remains constant, while keeping electricity consumption as low as possible. The fan heater can be used as a portable heater or be permanently installed.

DEVItemp™ is available in for 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, 15kW and 21W.

Radiant heaters

Discrete heating. Radiant heaters heat without being seen or heard. They have a discrete design that blend in well in all environments and the heating cause no air movements. Mounting on the ceiling leaves the walls free. 

Zone and spot heating. With radiant heating systems, different zones within the same room can have different temperatures. This means energy can be saved and comfort increased. Radiant heaters also provide efficient and economical protection against cold draughts. The radiated heat "naturally" migrates to where it is most needed, which means that cold surfaces such as windows will attract the radiant heating.

Anti-condensation heaters

The DEVItronic™ anti-condensation heater provides the perfect solution to avoid condensa­tion problems in shielded electrical installations like boards and control cabinets.

DEVItronic™ solves the problem with moisture and condensation by increasing the tem­perature a few degrees above the surrounding temperature.

DEVItronic™ has a large surface and a low surface temperature, and thus the heating element will not damage print and plastic cabinets.

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