Electrical heating for stadiums 

For professional and international stadiums, it is required a very high standard of playing surface. Under these circumstances it is important to eliminate risks of poor playing conditions or matches’ cancellation, particularly associated with poor weather conditions, e.g. heavy rainfalls or ice and snow. According to the FIFA’s Technical recommendations and requirements, 5th edition (paragraph 4.2): “(..) In cold climates, the playing field should be equipped with an underground heating system to prevent it from freezing in extreme winter conditions.’’

DEVI electrical heating system is keeping the ground temperature at appropriate level and helps to maintain good quality of playing field during the whole season. DEVI offers a wide variety of heating cables/mats and thermostats for installation in football fields and other sport play grounds.

As the global leader in electrical heating, DEVI has proven its expertise in solutions dedicated for stadiums used for football games, athletics or many other sports. Our electric heating solutions work perfectly for natural as well as artificial grass.