Full range of electric heating, private house, Ukraine

This Ukrainian house is an excellent example of using DEVI electrical heating solutions for heating and winter protection by a private owner. Almost all DEVI electrical heating solutions were implemented in the one building, from floor heating to pipe tracing to the ice and snow melting system on the roof and ground.

Project Overview:

Three snow melt systems on the open area

Comfort heating - 18 systems

Two-story building complete, heating garage wall convectors

Frost protection of a small section of the pipeline

The heating system on the roofs of two separate buildings


DEVIflex™ DTIP-18, DSIG-20, DTCE-30, DTIP-10,

DEVImat™ DTIR-150

DEVIreg™ 530; 550; 330; 850

Pазмер проекта


Heating cables
DEVIflex™ is an extremely high-quality, 360° fully screened twin conductor cable with a tough outer sheath (non UV stable). Its round profile and robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation in multiple indoor floor constructions and pipe tracing applications.
The DEVIpipeguard™ is a self-limiting heating cable that is mainly used for frost protection of pipes. The self-limiting capability of the cable ensures that the output of the cable increase or decrease according to ambient temperature. The cable will maintain its functionality even when shortened. The polyolefin outer sheath is highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and corrosion and it also serves as a protection against mechanical influences.
Heating mats
DEVImat™ is an extremely high-quality, 360° fully screened self-adhesive all-in-one mat with FEP insulated conductors and a red PVDF outer sheath (non UV stable). The round profile, low height (only 3.5 mm) and robust construction ensures a fast, simple and safe installation perfect for renovating existing floors. The cold lead is an installation cable with solid conductors ensuring fast installation. A clearly visible connection avoids accidentally installing the heated cable in the wall. To ensure a long life-time, all cables are minutely inspected including tests for Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls to ensure the quality. This means that we are proud to supply our full floor extended DEVIwarranty™.
The DEVIreg™ 530 is a simple electronic thermostat with a 2-pole switch, using a floor sensor (wire) to measure and control the desired floor temperature. It can be either flush-mounted or surface-mounted. The thermostat has a dial for adjusting the temperature setting with a scale from to 6. Furthermore, the thermostat has an LED indicating the current mode (heating, standby or fault).
The DEVIreg™ 610 is an electronic thermostat; suitable for many different purposes both indoor and outdoor applications. It is provided with a 2-pole switch and a wire sensor to control the desired temperature. The thermostat has a button for adjusting the temperature setting with a scale from -10° to +50°C, and a LED indicating the current mode (heating, standby or fault). It is water resistant and can be mounted on any plain surface indoor or outdoor.
The DEVIreg™ 850 is an advanced thermostat with LED display used for outdoor ground or roof applications. The sensors provide information about both moisture level and temperature, resulting in an optimal control of the heating system. The system can be set up in three ways; as a single system for roof or ground (1 to 4 sensors), as a dual system for roof or ground (2 - 4 sensors) or as a combination system for roof and ground (2 - 4 sensors). In the dual / combination systems it is possible to prioritize between the zones, e.g. if only a limited power output is available.