Modernization of Adgar Park West, Warsaw

Safeguarding of ventilation control panels

The Adgar Park West business center in Warsaw is an excellent example of renovation of an office building erected in 1990’s. After the completion of works, the building architecture, and its internal ambience do not differ at all from the standards in newly erected edifices.

For the cafeteria and kitchen, located on the ground floor, a separate ventilation control panel was installed on the building roof. The shafts used so far were too small; therefore, a new shaft with ducts that led on to the external surface of the facade needed to be created.

The ventilation control panels on the roof were safeguarded with self-limiting, DEVI heating cables.

Independent valves for balancing and adjusting pressure were installed in the building - AB-QM type along with TWA actuators. The devices guarantee the correct operation of the heating and cooling installation under variable working conditions, which enables thermal comfort in each room as well as energy savings.

Project Overview:

Pipeline length: 1,500 m

Installed power: 45 kW


DEVIpipeguard™ 33

DEVIiceguard™ 18

Pазмер проекта

1,500 m

Heating cables