Congress Square, Ljubljana

Ice and snow melting on the parking entrance and in the stairway

The Congress Square is one of the central squares in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The square was built in 1821 at the site of the ruins of a medieval Capuchin monastery.

Using DEVI heating cables under the part of a public space, such as Congress Square in Ljubljana, is a simple way to improve safety conditions during unpredictable winters.

“We are very proud that DEVI solutions have been chosen for the Ljubljana – Congress Square which is such a symbolic place in the Slovenian history,” said Marius Beek from DEVI. “Now this beautiful place not only is a historical and architectural landmark, it also became much safer for Ljubljana citizens and visitors and a has become much easier to manage during freezing and snowy winters.”

Project Overview:

Project size:

Parking entrance 200 m2 and stairs 3 x 50 m2


Heating cables

DEVIasphalt™ 30T (DTIK)

DEVIsnow™ 30T (DTCE)


DEVIreg™ 850

Ground sensor

Pазмер проекта

Parking entrance 200 m2 and stairs 3 x 50 m2

Heating mats
Heating cables
Accessories and spare parts for controls