Wien Mitte

DEVI ensures safe access to Vienna’s flagship railway station

Vienna’s magnificent central railway station, “Wien Mitte”, has recently undergone a major redesign. The work included the construction of a shopping center above the station, running along its entire length.

 1300 m2 of the entrance areas to the station complex have been equipped with DEVImat DTCE-300 heating mats. These have been strategically sited on sidewalks, stairs, bridges and vehicle access areas.

 The big challenge was to complete the installation without interrupting the flow of passenger, shopper and vehicle traffic through the station entrances. No mean feat when you consider that the station handles 650 trains and 268,000 passengers every day. Successfully achieving this tough task called for thorough planning, excellent interpersonal relationships and careful specification and labeling of the different heating mats required by the detailed installation plan.

 The station’s new ice and snow melting system not only protects passengers and shoppers from the risks associated with the cold Austrian winter: it also helps “Wien Mitte” meet its environmental performance targets. Because the core of the system is built around DEVI’s advanced, intelligent DEVIreg 850 humidity and temperature sensors, the system is only activated during cold and wet weather, when black ice and snow are expected. When the weather is cold but dry, the system remains inactive, saving valuable resources and reducing energy costs.

Project Overview:

Ice and snow melting ground

Project size: 1300 m² heated area, spread across 21 separate zones

Products used:

  • 86 DEVIsnow™ 300T heating mats
  • 2300 m of connection cable
  • 400 kW installed operating power
  • 26 DEVIreg 850 outdoor humidity and temperature sensors
  • 7 DEVIreg 850 thermostats: digital ice and snow melting systems
Pазмер проекта

1300 m² heated area, spread across 21 separate zones

Heating mats
Accessories and spare parts for controls