Our values

We have collected the most important statements from our Vision, Mission, and Values, into a group of three guiding sentences called 'The Way To Go'. They are:

  • We are the global market leader in electrical heating.
  • We are the preferred choice.
  • We are a healthy company that is good to do business with, and where people want to work.

Our Vision

DEVI is the global supplier of electrical indoor and outdoor heating solutions. We master advanced, heat-control technology that optimises user comfort and energy savings.

We will always develop solutions that fully integrate with total indoor climate controls in private dwellings.

Our Mission

We are the preferred choice.

We achieve this by giving our customers the highest quality products with a competitive advantage and our end-users benefit from a unique level of comfort using reliable heating solutions for their interiors and outdoor areas, for homes and buildings.

We are a healthy company that people want to do business with, and where people want to work.

Our Values

We are competent, have a winning spirit and constantly develop for the benefit of our customers, colleagues, and other business partners.             

The Quality Policy

DEVI heating solutions exist to serve our customers. Therefore, we shall drive a strong customer-focused approach through all of our business activities.

Our primary goal is to be "the reliable choice" for customers in our market sector. We provide the easiest, most effective, quality indoor comfort as well as outdoor safety products and services at every level.

We ensure that we identify and understand our customers' expectations. We design, develop, and validate products and services to meet or exceed those expectations.

We measure our customers' satisfaction and set targets to ensure that we continually exceed expectations.

We identify the competences required for us to fulfill our primary goal and develop our people's skills, where gaps are identified. We create and drive a culture and organization that expects and rewards continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

We operate our business on an ISO 9001-certified, Divisional Quality Management System (QMS) in order to standardize a single, customer-focused approach. In 2015, we migrated to an ISO/TS 16949-compliant QMS.

Our facilities and our products comply with all of the applicable regulatory and environmental standards. DEVI takes an active role in the development of new environmental and industry standards

Over time, we shall reduce our total supplier base and transform our business to suppliers certified to ISO 9001, with compliance to the Danfoss Code of Conduct as a minimum requirement.

Since we offer the highest quality standards, our customers are supported with the best 20-year warranty on the market for DEVI cables and mats. Not only does DEVIwarranty™ cover product replacement, such as damage to brickwork and tiles, but also costs for installation and floor materials.

The Environmental Policy

DEVI is constantly improving its environmental performance.

We promote sustainable development by preventing pollution and eliminating undesirable impacts on the environment. Our efforts are resulting in continuous and measurable improvements in the environment.

The activities of DEVI are planned and performed, taking into account the individual employee, the work environment, and the surroundings. All DEVI production units comply with the ISO 14001 standard, local environmental, and work environment legislation.

The term “environment” means both work environment, including health and safety, and the external environment. DEVI heating systems and modern heating thermostats are designed to save energy and lower DEVI users’ bills.