Who we are


DEVI provides you with a comfortable living environment – high quality electrical heating solutions with long-lasting effects. We support our customers by offering the best warranty on the market – DEVIwarranty™ – which not only covers cable or mat replacement, but also the cost of installation and floor materials – for up to 20 years!

75-year Heritage of DEVI Electric Heating

The company was established in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1942 and the name ‘DEVI’ is an abbreviation of Dansk El-Varme Industri.

In the beginning, DEVI manufactured heating elements for industrial purposes. In the early sixties, DEVI started to take an interest in electric heating cables; the oldest heating cable installations are from this time period.

From Copenhagen to Vejle

As was the case with many other Danish companies, DEVI chose to move its activities from Copenhagen to the provinces during the seventies and in the early eighties. DEVI settles in Vejle, where the communications (such as motorway and railway) are good whist also being close to an international airport. However, most importantly of all, DEVI has easy access to motivated and qualified manpower.

The modern DEVI starts in 1985 

Over the sixties and seventies, the industrial heating elements were still the most important product group by far but in the early eighties, a considerable number of heating cables were starting to be exported. The first subsidiary companies in Germany, Sweden, and Norway were established in the mid-eighties, and the export adventure started to take shape. Throughout the nineties, things started speeding up and a number of subsidiary companies were established amongst other places such as in the former Eastern Bloc countries.

European Market Leader

Since the beginning in Copenhagen in 1942, things have accelerated. Today, DEVI is Europe’s leading electrical heating brand with a considerable market share of the industry. Outside Europe, DEVI is - among others - represented in Canada, China, and South Africa.              

Member of Danfoss

Since January 1st, 2003, DEVI has been a part of Danfoss - Denmark's largest industrial group. Danfoss is one of the world's leading companies within heating, cooling and air-conditioning. Danfoss has more than 24,000 employees at 63 factories in 19 countries, and sales offices in more than 100 countries.

Today, DEVI’s production takes place in Saint Malo, France and Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland, which means that approximately 90% of our products are being manufactured in European Union. DEVI's head office is situated in Vejle, Denmark. The buildings in Vejle also accommodates Danfoss Floor Heating Hydronic, Danfoss' business area for water-based floor heating, and together the two form the world's largest competence center for floor heating.

Nowadays, millions of buildings are equipped with DEVI electrical heating solutions. Our indoor and outdoor applications work in houses, hotels, offices, and industries from Northern Norway to New Zealand.