Airports and heliports

DEVI Electrical Heating Systems for Airports and Heliports

Usually crowded airports demand special solutions for the safety and comfort of their passengers during the winter. Not only should they provide comfort for travelers during long journeys but above all else, they must be safe for aircrafts irrespective of any weather conditions. An apron should never be slippery and all lines of the airstrip should be visible. Using DEVI electrical outdoor heating on aprons and airstrips protects them against ice and snow, making daily operation safer and easier.  

Likewise, emergency heliports for hospitals have special safety and medical service requirements for patients. Such medical flights are served to save human lives. That’s why ensuring clear and dry landing places for helicopters is crucial. DEVI heating cables ensure the best possible conditions for short and safe take-off & landing, regardless of any weather conditions.

A number of international airports and local heliports are fitted out with DEVI reliable heating solutions, which secure flights and make them viable at any time.

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