Cold stores

Cold store protection

Heating up the floor construction in a cold storage unit is necessary in order to protect the building from destruction due to the conditions of the floor in cold stores or ice stadiums.

In cold stores, where the temperature is constantly between -20 and -30°C (or lower), the cold will emanate to the surrounding parts of the building and penetrate into the foundation of the cold store, even if it is well insulated.

In order to protect cold stores construction electrical heating cables should be installed in floor, below insulation of a buildings foundation, or in the door frame.

Floor protection against condensation

In doorways between cold stores and heated rooms, condensed water may form on the floor due to the constant shifts between cold and warm air, which are caused by the opening and closing of doors. This can result in dangerous ice formations on the floor. Therefore, the floor in these areas must be heated to prevent the generation of ice. As an extra comfort, it will also limit the flow of cold air to heated areas.


In cold stores, where the temperature is constantly between –20 and –30°C (or lower), the floor will still emanate to the surrounding areas, even if it is well insulated. This means that the materials which are in contact with the ground, such as foundation and floor areas, will absorb the cold and leave the ground to freeze. The water content in the ground will expand and this can cause considerable frost erosion damage. The same problem also appears in ice stadiums that are artificially frozen. This can be avoided with DEVI’s frost protection system.

Application manual: Cold stores, ice stadiums and alike

This design guide presents DEVI’s recommendations for the design and installation of frost heave prevention systems and frost protection for cold room doors, drain lines and fire protection sprinklers & pipes. It provides guidance for a heating cable layout, electrical data and system configurations.

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